Leo..........July 23 - August 23
Hello Leo, aka  "Big Old Scawee Lion"
So happy you've finally arrived. Sorry we didn't throw you a parade...please try to let that slide. Regardless, Leo still expects Clappers to Applaud when they walk into a room! Awesome...and No. Some Leo's need affection at all times, sadly they can't find any because well, who really cares?
You hate being alone because who will see your beautiful hair?  Leo's don't realize they are never wrong, they do however realize you always are. Especially when their meds have worn off...or not.
When Leo loves, they love hard...check the bathroom of a Leo's home often just to make sure their loved one is still alive under the sink, where they are stored until Leo's meds wear off...or not.
  Jokes aside, I love my Leo friends and family.      I wouldn't change a thing about any of them.

Fancy's Crystals Blog...Serious Stuff!

Hi I'm Fancy. A Carin Terrier with           stuff   to say...K?   :)  


Today I wana talk about a kwistal. kwistals is my favorite things cause I have lots of stresses.  

I got a new kwistal today and I wanna share it with you!  It's Rose Quartz!  Rose Quartz opens the Heart Chakra   up wide so we can learn to give love and learn to accept the love we deserve without fear and find the happiness that is our true nature.

I like it cause I love belly rubs and I'm  ready to accept lots of them! 

Rose Quartz... Get you some now! Thanks for readin my blog.  

Blested Bee.

 Me Before Kwistals
 Me After Kwistals